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Pottstown Area Police Athletic League (PAL)

Coaches' Code of Conduct


I understand that as a youth coach I am obligated to honor the games rules, and respect all other individuals, and will teach my players to do the same.

I understand that the primary motivation of Pottstown PAL is to ensure that every participant has a safe, positive sporting experience.

understand that my responsibilities as a youth coach are of great importance and that my actions have the potential to significantly influence the young athletes whom I mentor.

Therefore, by participating as a youth sports volunteer coach, I will adhere to the following Coaches’ Code of Conduct.

(Confidentiality Clause) I will ONLY utilize the confidential information or contacts available for purposes directly related to PAL Programs.

Coach/volunteer understands that this provision explicitly prohibits anyone from soliciting Pottstown PAL participants and family members, vendors, providers, coaches, program directors, agents/representatives for any purpose, including starting OR promoting their own/another entity's league(s) or program(s) that are similar to existing, previous or planned Pottstown PAL Programs.

(A) I will create a healthy, positive environment for our children that:

1.  Builds a culture where winning is not defined by outcome of competition, but by the enjoyment and individual needs of all the participating children.

2.  Focuses on safety, fun, good sportsmanship, and respect, as well as skill development and education.

3.  Provides instruction in a manner that is constructive and supportive.

4.  Is fair, consistent, and best meets the emotional and physical needs of all children.

5.  Has a positive, lasting impact on the children of the greater Pottstown community.


(B) I will act responsibly and do my best to assure that:

1.  I will provide equitable playing time for each player on my team for each game.

2.  I will properly educate players on the importance of teamwork, effort, having fun and playing fair while properly instructing age appropriate fundamentals and skills.

3.  I provide players with the best education, instruction and organization possible by attending required meetings, clinics and certifications.

4.  I am familiar with the objectives of the youth sports program; I strive to achieve these objectives and communicate them to my players and their parents/guardians.

5.  I cooperate with the Program Director and the Executive Director in the enforcement of rules and I will report irregularities that violate sound competitive practices.


(C) I will display appropriate behavior at all times.

1.  I will treat all players, coaches, officials, parents/guardians, and administrators with respect and dignity, and refrain from using profanity, intimidation tactics, and inappropriate language.

2.  I will uphold the authority of officials who are assigned to the contest in which I coach, and I will assist them in every way to conduct fair and impartial competitive contests.

3.  I will not harass any individual, in-person or otherwise.


(D) I will not violate the law or risk others’ safety.

1.  I will never coach under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2.  I will never initiate or participate in any form of assault on any staff, volunteer, parent, or child of my/opposing team.

3.  I will never discriminate against another individual. (See Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy)

4.  I will never unnecessarily risk the health of any individual under my supervision. I will report unsafe practices to Pottstown PAL as soon as they are observed and be vigilant in the observation of safety.

Pottstown PAL reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action involving any coach in violation of the Code of Conduct, as is deemed appropriate by the organization.


Pottstown Area Police Athletic League (PAL)

146 King St 
Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19464

Email: [email protected]
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Pottstown Area Police Athletic League (PAL)

146 King St 
Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19464

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 610-327-0527

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